Friday, August 8, 2008


Well, I use MobileMe myself, so I was kind of pissed when this message just came up:
And I understand many of you are also experiencing the same issue. 

We at Apple have identified three possible buttons to press which may help with this issue. Show Certificate, Cancel, and Connect are three possible solutions. Our MobileMe engineers are throwing their backs into this one, and are high up into the upper echelons of the Cloud right now trying to get their heads around what's going on.

Steve wants me to let you all know that he thinks I'm a total loser. We appreciate your continued understanding of our failures.

Marcus A.

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eenduiker said...

Mobileme Fail!
Please continue this is entertaining. At this stage i will continue for another 6 months to give Apple my 99 then im done. no more of this cr@p.